Gold and Art

Unique oeuvre on command

Over time, we wanted to go further on the innovation and we planned on creating even greater designs using other type of sports. We work our new technique of gilding on tempered glass to provided unique piece of art and design in gold leaf. We can work with any kind of gold, 22K, 23K, 24K, White Gold 10K but usually we work with the 22K as it is the most popular gold used.

There is many steps in the conception of our large and unique oeuvres. The first part is the conception of the design, we draw the idea based on contrast to create the pattern for the gilding process. This part will take about 1 week of work to set everything in place to be sure of the feasibility of the project. Then, the gilding process is taking about 20 hours of work for a medium piece, over several days of work because of many different steps to succeed the construction of the texture of the gold leaf. Applying the gold leaf is really tricky as it is very fragile The final part is the moment when the gold leaves are finally stick on the glass perfectly, approximately after two weeks. We must work with scalpels and tweezers for about 10-20 hours on the glass canvas, depending on the difficulty of the design.

We work on command principal, our first goal is to provide a unique high quality of work, with two fine materials that are the Gold and the Glass, based on the wishes of our customers.