What is it basically ?

In few words, we could sum up our work in this way :


From gold leaf we create with a handmade gilding a whole new concept in luxury design.

We developed our creative techniques to offer a new kind of gilding that has never been seen before. We give a texture and a life to the gold we use on our creations.

Our idea is based on contrast, wether in the concept design or in the materials used. We wished to create unique high quality and elegant design through our work,

using the nobility and fragility of the gold leaf on a support just as difficult to conceive as canvas : glass.

What is the story ? Who is behind this idea ?

We are two 30-year-old french childhood friends, Sammy and Morgan, living in the area of Paris.  We have a shared passion for art, design, history and architecture;

the combination of our knowledges and ideas makes us thinking about working together that is why we create “Créatelier Gamme Luxe” in 2014. After spending

eighteen months perfecting our innovative technique for the “Gold and Design” project, we are now providing the world with a totally new approach to design; under

our “savoir-faire” , the two luxury mediums come together to form elegantly powerful works of art. 

                    Ben Romdan Sammy

                    Le Roux Morgan